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apps: {
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Thrive Health Platform is a low-code framework for designing and delivering patient engagement solutions.

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Tools for building strong patient relationships

Using Thrive Health’s technology, patients and providers are having conversations that lead to better outcomes.

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Intake assessments

Through research into current challenges, we work together to set your goals and objectives.

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Automated care pathways

Based on their profile, automatically provide patients with personalized, peer-reviewed tools and resources that support their physical and mental health.

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Patient summaries 

Generate concise and focused summaries to aid with clinical care and coordination.

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Schedule self-assessments for patients based on their care plan using our template library.

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Patient trends

Visualize patient measures over time and receive  alerts based on customized target outcome values.

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Automated reminders

Schedule reminders for patients to book follow-up appointments based on their care plan.


Ready for your ecosystem

The Thrive Health Platform supports integration through a robust and comprehensive software solution designed to connect and unify disparate systems, applications, and data sources within an organization. It acts as a central hub, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between various software systems, databases, cloud services, and APIs.


HL7 v2 & v3





Mirth Connect


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My Thrive Connection

Reach your patients through My Thrive

My Thrive is an app that helps patients connect to their provider and navigate every touchpoint along their journey.

Learn more about My Thrive 

Circle is a collaboration between Thrive Health and Integra Health Centre. Circle is a digitally enabled concierge providing full service health and wellness care for employees, serving as a catalyst for workplace culture transformation. With Circle, your employees will have 24/7 access to care providers across Integra’s multiple specialty areas spanning physical and mental health, and a comprehensive health profile through Thrive’s platform to manage their health data and be an active player in their progress.

Phone Mockup Showing Circle app
Phone Mockup Showing Circle app
Phone Mockup Showing Circle app