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Building care journeys that connect people, experiences and data.

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Engage patients when it matters most by harnessing the power of digitizing care coordination.

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Our platform can easily and rapidly create unified care journeys for patients, families, and healthcare providers to help improve clinical outcomes.

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Care Journeys

Clinically validated solutions that keep patients engaged, monitored, and connected throughout their healthcare journey.

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Our team of diverse professionals is here to collaborate with you to help get your solution into the hands of patients faster.

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Thrive's platform is designed to help health systems achieve their target outcomes by reducing cost of care,

Enhancing patient experience,

98% completion rate of patient questionnaires

Delivering better clinical outcomes,

65% increase in disease knowledge

65% increase in disease knowledge

And improving provider experience.

Generate survivorship care plans 95% faster

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Falling Through the Cracks: Greg's Story

A special film screening with live QA. Discover the impactful story of Greg's healthcare journey and help shape the future of healthcare with us.