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Like our partners, we believe every patient deserves to feel ownership over their care journey and have easily access their health information.

A healthcare professional showing something on the ipad to a patient.

The Problem

In today’s healthcare landscape, disconnected systems can create hurdles for patients and providers, making the implementation of available solutions slow and costly. This fragmentation often leads to frustration and disempowerment among individuals, who may struggle to grasp their complete health picture.

Barriers to adopting technology create challenges, leading to slow and costly adoption of digital technology. This results in disjointed experiences for accessing and providing care, with patient stories often getting lost.

The Solution

By bridging the gap between touchpoints in care journeys, we enhance experiences for patients and providers across organizations, communities, and time. This not only improves data accuracy but also supports individuals by getting innovation into the hands of patients and organizations faster.

Our goal is to enhance healthcare organizations by providing efficient tools to create and expand patient-centric care journeys efficiently. Through the use of technology, we bridge the gaps between systems and people, enhancing care relationships and interactions to achieve better outcomes.


with healthcare
at its heart

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Our customers trust us to simplify the complexities of developing, deploying, and distributing care journeys so they can focus on what matters most - their patients.

By reducing the implementation burden of technology, we ensure their ideas materialize into tools that lead to improved patient outcomes.


Our technology comes equipped with customizable toolkits already in use by leading institutions across North America.

Validated clinical data

Our solutions are designed by clinicians, researchers, designers, data scientists, engineers, and business professionals with decades of real-world healthcare experience.

Privacy first, always

Our technology meets or exceeds FIPAA, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and NIST requirements, is Sas 70 Type II compliant, and is ISO 27001 certified.


Solutions for every phase of care

Applying our deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem, our solutions can be used by any organization to enhance journeys for patients and providers.



Our patient engagement solutions cater to a wide range of health conditions and treatment pathways, ensuring patients are directed to the best possible care at the right time to meet their unique needs. 



Our employee engagement solutions support mental health and employee wellness, utilizing technology to collect and analyze aggregate data about the overall wellness of your workforce. 


Government & Public Health

Our community engagement solutions provide guidance and tailored support for citizens. In addition to supporting individuals in living well, our platform also addresses the broader needs of organizations, including platform integration and change management

Thrive Health was founded as New Hippo Health, driven by a mission to make healthcare work better for everyone. 
Clinical partnerships grow, working with providers looking to enhance patient guidance. 
Our first system-wide solution is implemented, servicing a variety of medical specialties.

We also re-brand to Thrive Health.
We build new solutions to help Canadians navigate COVID-19, in partnership with the BC Government, Health Canada, and LifeLabs.
We support thousands of Canadian organizations with software to manage rapid antigen testing and vaccine status.
Thrive Health ranked as #1 in Deloitte’s 2022 Technology Fast 50 Companies-to-Watch award for our work helping citizens return to work and school as restrictions lift and evolve across Canada.
Thrive Health continues to evolve as we work to transform fragmented healthcare experiences into unified care journeys. 
Today, Thrive Health continues to innovate with heart, building care journeys that connect people, experiences, and data.

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