Trusting relationships are the foundation of meaningful change.

A healthcare professional showing something on the ipad to a patient.

How we can help

From idea to execution, Thrive Health® is here to support you, as little or as much as you need.

Goal setting

Through research into current challenges, we work together to set your goals and objectives.

Care Loop design

Using an existing Care Loop as a starting point, or building a new one, we’ll help you design your patient-centric workflows.

Custom automations

Based on your requirements, we’ll set up customized automations to help simplify your workflow.

Developer training

For those who will operate the backend of the portal, our team is there for hands-on training and ongoing support

Launch support

New platforms can be intimidating. We’re there to support the platform rollout across your clinic, provide training, and assist with your communication plan.

Usability testing

With the support of our experts, we’ll run a pilot project to gather feedback and iron out any roadblocks.

What our partners are saying:

“It is really satisfying to know that there are people and institutions interested in the individuals’ health. Thank you very much for the attention received, and with this, I pledge to take care of my health and do my part for the well-being of the people who inhabit this beautiful country.”

- Client testimonial

Informed solutions

Human and digital interactions, giving providers a better understanding of their patients' health stories.