September 17, 2020

- 5 Minute Read

Whitepaper: Improving Healthcare Delivery Through Patient Involvement

We were pleased to team up with our friends DrugBank to share our thoughts on patient engagement tools, the importance of accurate data, and trends we are seeing in the industry.  

Our CEO, David Helliwell, sat down with the folks at DrugBank to chat about patient engagement in healthcare delivery, innovations in the tele-health industry, and trends we are seeing.

DrugBank is a widely used data source for companies working in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and technology space. The data integrates seamlessly into in-house products, to enhance outcomes for data-driven decision-making. Thrive Health uses DrugBank’s structured data to power their healthcare platforms, applications, and software tools aimed at improving healthcare delivery by engaging with patients.

Thrive Health prides ourselves in creating research-driven patient care applications. To learn how our digital healthcare platform can support better patient care, connect with us below.

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