August 18, 2021

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Using Thrive Health to manage self-administered COVID-19 rapid testing

As COVID-19 restrictions lift & evolve across Canada, organizations have to keep up with the latest news in order to remain open and keep their employees safe.

Employers need reliable indicators that neither staff nor visitors are at risk of contracting the virus and contributing to a possible outbreak & further closures.  

Over the past few months, several organizations have turned to rapid antigen testing as one solution to this problem. As an alternative to PCR tests, where results are typically available within 1-3 days, rapid antigen tests (also known as point-of-care tests) deliver results within 30 minutes, offering an attractive screening option for COVID-19. Unlike PCR tests, rapid antigen tests can be self-administered from any location, meaning that employees can complete their tests at home before coming into work.

The Thrive Health platform is enabling hundreds of organizations across Canada to manage self-administered rapid testing. Our platform offers a seamless user experience for employers, employees, and visitors alike, while ensuring secure data storage for test results and public health reporting.

If you’re an organization considering self-administered rapid testing, here are three key benefits to consider, and how Thrive Health’s software is optimized for each:

1. By opting for self-administered rapid tests, you don’t have to worry about setting up in-person testing sites, or designating personnel to administer tests. Simply order your test kits from your local public health authority, and distribute them to your employees.

With Thrive Health, you can see all test results through a real-time administrator dashboard, which gives you a record of when an employee last submitted a test result. You’ll also be notified immediately when an individual’s test result comes back positive, eliminating the need for manual follow-up.

2. Rapid tests offer a more reliable upgrade from self-assessments. Having employees and visitors answer a series of self-assessment questions before coming into work may account for symptoms and any recent travel, but does not account for whether that individual may actually have COVID-19.

In addition to recording & tracking test results, Thrive Health includes a built-in self-assessment tool which you can mandate employees also complete before coming into work. As an administrator, you see all updated self-assessment results alongside test results, which can be exported together for public health reporting.

3. Rapid antigen test results allow you to identify at-risk asymptomatic individuals earlier. While a positive rapid test result does not guarantee a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, individuals know to book a confirmatory PCR test before they may start exhibiting symptoms and infecting others.

With Thrive Health, your employees maintain a dynamic record of all test result history, and can upload PCR test results alongside rapid test results into their profile. All test results - for both rapid antigen & PCR - are visible in your administrator dashboard.

Thrive Health offers organizations a secure, customizable platform for rapid antigen test management. Our software can be deployed for your organization within days, and all user data is securely stored in Canada.

With healthcare software that focuses on reducing medical errors, streamlining patient care and supporting organizations in managing crises, we are here to help.

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