February 10, 2022

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Thrive Technology in Guatemala

How our platform is being used to deliver streamlined, secure care for Guatemalans in partnership with Compañero Par Cirugía, Team Broken Earth, and Providence Health Care.

Central to our mission at Thrive Health is providing software that empowers individuals to remain informed and connected to every stage of their care journey - and our goal is to expand that mission far beyond our borders. We were excited to kick off 2022 with the deployment of a project that does just that.

For the past couple of years, we have been working with our partners at St. Paul’s Hospital and Providence Health Care to bring our technology to Guatemala with Compañero Par Cirugía (CPC), an organization that coordinates volunteer physicians from Canada and the United States to travel to Guatemala and perform surgeries, as well as Team Broken Earth who conducts missions across several countries. We worked most closely with Dr. Jim Kim’s physician team, who travels down for one week each year for approximately 80 cleft palate, plastics, and ortho surgeries. Other CPC teams travel down for similar amounts of time, focusing on hip and knee replacements, as well as for gynecology patients and general appointments.

Dr. Kim and CPC came to our team for help in two main areas: surgical pre-screening and patient follow-up, given the high volume of patients coming in for surgeries within a similar time frame, and the need to deliver individualized care experiences for each of them. Previously, CPC had conducted pre-screening manually, which led to occasional miscommunication where patients traveled in from neighboring villages and cities to discover that there was no available physician to perform their surgery. Follow-up, if required, needed to happen weekly for a set period of time following surgery, where health promoters would visit post-operative patients and would be required to share photos and updates with the clinical team.

For both of these areas, Dr. Kim and CPC recognized how the Thrive Health platform’s foundational technology for pre-surgical optimization and post-operative care plans would solve these issues and reduce error rates. Our Product team worked with both parties to design workflows specifically to suit the project needs for pre-screening, triaging, follow-up, and secure data sharing between health promoters and clinicians.

After two years of collaborative work between Thrive Health, CPC, and Providence, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of our software in Guatemala from January 2022, which at this very moment is helping CPC volunteers and physicians significantly reduce pre-screening times, expedite triaging, and keep patients informed and communicative with their care providers following surgery.

Here are a few snapshots of Thrive technology in action in Guatemala. We’re humbled to be chosen as the software provider for this important work, and can’t wait to continue expanding our mission of enabling connected, impactful care experiences around the world.  

Healthcare is about accessibility. Thrive Health prides itself in supporting rural care through our digital healthcare platform.  

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