August 2, 2022

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Thrive Health’s Q2 2022 Onsite Week

Thrive Health’s Q2 2022 Onsite Week was a huge success, with participants from around the country gathering in pop-up offices in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Each quarter we come together for a week to work in person, connect with each other, and participate in fun activities. But we changed things up this quarter: instead of gathering in a single office, we set up pop-up offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. This allowed team members to visit the city most accessible to them and enjoy different sites.

The purpose of our quarterly onsite weeks is to thrive in a hybrid work environment while fostering meaningful connections through face-to-face social interactions. These weeks “are all about building connections and being intentional about the work we can do in real life that we cannot do over Zoom,” says our CEO Alec McCauley. We embrace a hybrid work model to allow our team members to work how and where suits them best, but we will always dedicate this time and space each quarter to the magic of in-person connection.

Each pop-up office consisted of educational workshops, customer meetings, and of course socializing with the team. Check out some highlights from each week below:

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