June 7, 2023

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Thrive Health change-makers win 2022 Digital Health Canada Awards

Thrive Health is thrilled to announce that our Co-Founder, David Helliwell and Dr. Mark Nazemi, Senior Manager, Clinical Solutions and Innovation, have both been honored at the 2022 Digital Health Canada Awards for their contributions in advancing the use of digital health across Canada, resulting in improved patient and provider experiences and outcomes. 

David has been selected as one of Digital Health Canada’s top Community Care Leaders of the Year for 2022. He is widely recognized as a champion for digital healthcare across Canada for encouraging the use of digital solutions to improve knowledge-based practice and the quality of patient care. David is known amongst colleagues for a bias towards action when it comes to improving community care, and is not afraid to face challenges in order to get there. He has achieved this recognition through building Thrive Health’s reputation as a leader in digital health, and through his involvement in multiple government and industry projects to improve healthcare system operations and patient care across Canada.

“The work being done by Thrive Health today is helping to revolutionize healthcare and solve these data fragmentation issues,” said David. “Our team members are so passionate about the work and the impact it can have.”

Thrive Health is grateful to David for his dedication in building our mission-driven company, and his ongoing commitment to make healthcare work better for everyone. His vision and leadership have inspired our team to innovate, push boundaries, and keep the patient experience at the center of everything we do. 

Dr. Nazemi has been selected as one of Digital Health Canada’s top Clinical Innovators of the Year for 2022. He drives the development of innovative clinical solutions at Thrive Health, which has advanced the potential of digital healthcare in Canada and empowered patients in their care journeys. His reputation as a champion for patient experience, and his leadership in the research community have earned him this recognition. Dr. Nazemi leads Thrive Health’s clinical research team, which partners with clinicians across Canada to enhance understanding of the patient experience and improve the development of eHealth solutions. 

In 2022, in partnership with The Ottawa Hospital, Dr. Nazemi’s team launched Survivor Advisor, a first-of-its-kind patient engagement platform for breast cancer survivors. Dr. Nazemi has shown incredible leadership at Thrive Health in advancing the use of digital health solutions in clinical practice, resulting in improved provider and patient experience. He is central to Thrive Health being recognized as a leader in digital health innovation across Canada. 

“The technology we are developing at Thrive Health is validated by clinicians and researchers,” said Dr. Nazemi. “We are continuously evaluating the patient and provider experience through our research, which is crucial for ongoing innovation with our platform as we push the boundaries of what digital health can do.”

Thrive Health is honored to be recognized by Digital Health Canada for these awards, and to celebrate David and Dr. Nazemi for their tremendous contribution to both the digital healthcare landscape, and to our team. To connect with Thrive Health to learn more about our digital platform or to explore partnership opportunities, please contact us.

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