November 17, 2023

- 2 Minute Read

Thrive Health at FWD50

Last week, several members of the Thrive Health® team, including Tracy Austin, Edward Ratnarajah, Cody Thompson, and Alec McCauley, spent three exciting days at the FWD50 conference in Ottawa, absorbing insights from leaders in digital transformation within the public sector. The discussions centered around the crucial integration of policymaking, technology, ethics, and invention.

Thrive Health's CEO, Alec McCauley, delivered a captivating talk emphasizing the necessity to re-think how technological solutions are designed and procured, while advocating for an approach that fuels innovation. Despite the unprecedented pace of technological evolution that has transformed daily life and work, government procurement processes often struggle to keep up. To address these current challenges, there is a pressing need for a new (yet old) paradigm in government procurement and partnership. Governments must embrace innovation and collaborate more effectively with the private sector to harness the potential of emerging technologies. The divide between subject matter and technical expertise further complicates matters, and frameworks alone cannot bridge this gap. 

Central to these ongoing discussions is the role of AI technology and how that fits into the future of technology. In sectors such as healthcare, where innovation faces unique challenges, a concerted effort is needed to navigate and implement transformative solutions. By fostering a culture of collaboration, bringing together the right minds, and leveraging the skills of technology builders, a more agile and effective system can align with the speed at which innovation is desired.

Curious about how AI technology fits into these conversations? Dive into Alec’s full presentation below and discover more about the future of technology and healthcare. The Thrive Health team extends gratitude to the FWD50 team and all the speakers who contributed to three days of incredible learning.