November 10, 2023

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Physician perspectives on chronic pain management: barriers and the use of eHealth in the COVID-19 era

Thrive Health is proud to share a recent study conducted in British Columbia, Canada, involving 100 practicing physicians, shedding light on the barriers physicians face in delivering effective pain care.

In partnership with the University of British Columbia and the Bill Nelems Pain and Research Centre, Thrivers Dr. Kimberley Kaseweter, Dr. Mark Nazemi, and Nina Gregoire, explore how managing chronic pain has become an even greater challenge in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These barriers include a lack of interdisciplinary treatment options, issues related to opioid prescription and management, and the sheer complexity of chronic pain. While an overwhelming 82% of physicians expressed interest in using eHealth technologies to aid in pain management, adoption rates remain surprisingly low. Only a small fraction reported using eHealth tools for tasks like data collection, patient-reported outcomes, and remote patient monitoring. The main obstacles to implementing eHealth solutions were cost, complexity, and unfamiliarity.

The findings emphasize the importance of enhancing usability, providing education and training, and securing funding to fully harness the potential of eHealth technologies in addressing pain care challenges during and beyond the pandemic.

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