September 9, 2021

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How the Thrive Health platform is helping Canada’s campuses manage vaccine status declaration & rapid antigen testing

As students across Canada return to school this week, institutions are rolling out their COVID-19 risk management plans - including symptom screening, rapid antigen testing, and vaccine status declaration.

Regardless of how a campus or school chooses to manage their COVID response, administrators need to ensure the security of test & vaccine records and protect the personal health information of students, faculty, & staff.

Dozens of campuses & schools are using the Thrive Health platform to help keep their communities safe, through the secure management of their screening, testing, and vaccine declaration programs. Beginning with our work with the University of Toronto in Fall 2020, we’re now working with several large universities from coast to coast.

Each of these institutions has been able to customize the Thrive Health platform to meet their needs, whether that’s just for vaccine status declaration, or a combination with on-site or at-home rapid antigen testing management where students & test administrators can upload results in real-time.

Carleton University is using both vaccine status declaration & rapid testing management through the custom cuScreen tool which is built on the Thrive Health platform.

“cuScreen has provided a single, centralized system to efficiently meet COVID-19 requirements from public health and government legislation, while also ensuring the health and safety of the Carleton community,” says their project team; “the ability of the platform to integrate with our existing Carleton systems means we get meaningful reporting, and that we can ensure every individual on campus is complying with our campus COVID policies.”

Carleton was also among the first institutions to deploy Thrive’s vaccine status declaration feature, which allows students, faculty & staff to upload information about the date & brand of their first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses, as well as additional verifying documentation.

For the University of Toronto, using the Thrive Health platform for the 2020-2021 academic year allowed for a smooth upgrade to vaccine status declaration & rapid testing management for 2021-2022.

“It’s been a great comfort to many in our community to know that there is a system in place to help keep them safe during their return to campus, and we echo these feelings as campus administrators” says the UofT team; “the platform itself is simple, easy to use, and highly accessible to everyone on campus.”

Thrive is also working with elementary & secondary schools to manage symptom screening & self-assessments, such as Kingsway College School in Ontario, who has also been using the platform since last Fall. “Being able to easily identify a student or staff member’s COVID-19 risk status right at the school doors has helped us maintain a safe and efficient screening process,” says their team.

Thrive Health is excited to be working with so many institutions who are doing their part to keep their campus & school communities safe. Click here to learn more about how the Thrive Health platform can be optimized for campus environments.

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