Dr. Mark Nazemi

Clinical Solutions & Innovation

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“We have a unique business model that bridges in-house clinical research with product development, giving us a real-time opportunity to innovate around patient care.”

Mark drives Thrive Health’s Clinical Solutions and Innovation department, leading the design and development of our clinical care workflows and sparking new business opportunities across North America. He also founded Thrive’s Researcher in Residence program, which brings PhDs and postdoctoral fellows into our work at Thrive to run studies using our platform’s research tooling, and pilot new features with patients and providers.

Mark brings his extensive background in chronic pain management and patient care innovation to Thrive, having previously served as the education lead for Pain BC where he developed chronic pain management programs for healthcare providers. He has also developed non-invasive technologies for anxiety management during his tenure as a managing partner with a start-up, and has worked as a smart technology consultant in research and development.

Mark holds a PhD in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University, a Pain Research accreditation from the European Pain School, and a certificate from Harvard Medical School in Digital Transformation in Healthcare. In addition to his work at Thrive, Mark teaches courses in Sound Design and Body Interface at Simon Fraser University, and produces evidence-based immersive music out of his home recording studio on BC’s beautiful Bowen Island.

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