Kasia Rachniowski

Customer Success

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“To me, customer success is all about being curious and collaborative. We are constantly exploring how we can help our clients thrive, working closely with them to develop better solutions.”

Kasia manages relationships, growth, and ongoing innovation with our customers and partners. Day-to-day, she meets with clients to better understand their goals, working closely with our Customer Support and Solutions teams to help our customers continue to realize value from our platform. She also spearheads tools and processes to optimize our customer lifecycle, from new accounts through to long-term partnerships.

Kasia has worked for a multinational pharmaceutical company, holding positions in product management, sales, and marketing, and has previously also held several teaching and training roles across non-profits, educational institutions, and software companies. Additionally, she has volunteered at hospitals and as part of emergency response teams. Immediately prior to joining Thrive, Kasia spent two years as a trip leader for luxury biking and hiking tours across Europe, wearing many hats from event organizer to translator to bike mechanic.

Kasia holds a Master of Biotechnology from the University of Toronto and a BSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology from McGill University. When not working, you can find her exploring the great outdoors.

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