“At Thrive Health, our platform is making strides to strengthen connections between journeys, people, and data. Our mission is clear: make healthcare work better for everyone. We believe in the power of our technology to enhance experiences for patients and providers across phases of care, organizations, communities, and time, forging a more connected and impactful healthcare experience. I look forward to our continued evolution."

As Thrive Health’s CEO and Co-Founder, Greg guides the company’s strategic direction and operations. He focuses on optimizing relationships with customers and partners, ensuring every company initiative aligns seamlessly with Thrive’s platform vision and goals.

Greg was born and raised in Vancouver where he graduated from UBC with a degree in Computer Science.  After graduation, he co-founded a leading data analytics software company called Crystal Decisions.  As CEO Greg took Crystal from a startup to a company with thousands of employees and hundreds of millions in annual revenue and the number one position in data reporting and analysis in the world. 

Greg’s entrepreneurial journey highlights his ability to drive innovation, navigate growth, and build successful software enterprises.

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