Our Work in Thriving


We don’t just want people to be healthy. We want them to thrive. To us, that means two things. First, it means helping patients through their journeys through the healthcare system. Second, it means understanding and enhancing the well-being of patients and caregivers to make them more resilient and healthier.

We’re engaging with the world’s leading researchers in happiness, well-being, and positive psychology to fundamentally transform the delivery of healthcare. It starts with a better understanding of the complex relationship between health & well-being.

ENHANCE - A pathway to increasing well-being.

As an example of our work to help more people to thrive, we have partnered with Dr Ed and Dr Carol Diener to deliver the ENHANCE program on the Thrive Health platform.

ENHANCE is a comprehensive 12-week program based on the first clinically validated web-based program to produce sustainable benefits to well-being, and it is only available for the general public on the Thrive Health platform.

Improvements to subjective well-being involve several aspects of life and vary by individual preferences, learning styles, and unique traits. Enhance offers 12 related, but distinct thematic modules to allow users to develop and improve the core components involved in subjective well-being.

The modules deliver interactive education and habit-forming exercises and skills which take only a few minutes a day to complete and can be accessed at any time of the day.

Learn about our advisors in the field happiness and thriving here.

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