Welcome to Thrive Health Support

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Thrive Health?

Thrive Health is a Vancouver based software company that works on improving the Canadian healthcare system. Our goal is to empower patients by helping them play a larger role in their personal health journey.

You can learn more about our team and mission here.

+ I received an invite email to sign up on Thrive Health’s platform - what does this mean?

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and health-related organizations use our platform to connect with patients and clients.

Your doctor’s office sent the invite email through our system to request details about your personal health.

+ How can I create an account?

If you received an invite email, just click the button in the email to start the sign up process on our platform. It will only take a minute for us to walk you through the steps.

If you received a registration code from the office, go to app.thrive.health and sign up with your code.

+ Is my personal health information shared with anyone?

Personal health information that you provide though our platform is only shared with your care team, and you can decide who you want to share your information with.

+ Is it safe to complete this questionnaire online?

All data provided or received though our platform is encrypted and your personal information is stored within Canada. We follow data security and privacy standards that align with federal and provincial conformance guidelines such as HIPPA, PIPEDA, PCI, and NIST.

+ How do I manage my account in the long term?

You can log into your account anytime at app.thrive.health and manage your personal information on the home page.

For medical or appointment related questions and information, please reach out to your doctor’s office directly. The phone number is shown in your invite email.

We are always happy to provide more information and answer additional questions. Email support@thrive.health to connect with our Support Team.