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A comprehensive rheumatology intake solution


Patient-friendly forms

Our intake forms have built-in help and dynamic questions to get the full patient story ahead of visits.


Online intake forms

Patient-reported information is re-structured into a fast-review format.


Easy access

Patients see simple, straightforward questionnaires accessible on mobile.

You see a clear and concise summary and can manage care efficiently from your worklist.

About Thrive Health



The Thrive Health platform is designed in collaboration by clinicians and patients, with the aim of saving you time and money while improving the care experience for patients.

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Clinical Lens

Our team is comprised of doctors, nurses, and patients. We’re on a mission to improve the health journey for everyone - because we know first-hand how complex it can be.



Our platform is designed for both medical care teams and patients with solutions that support the patient journey from referral all the way to follow-up.


What people say about using Thrive Health:

The Thrive questionnaire has improved our office efficiency and improved communication with our patients by providing us with key information prior to the consultation. This allows us to spend less time data-gathering and more time communicating with the patient.
— Dr. Kam Shojania, Rheumatologist

Why Thrive Health?

  • More efficiency

  • Save 15 min/patient of admin time

  • 95% of clinics recommend


Designing happier healthcare.