Thrive Health was founded to fundamentally improve the delivery of healthcare in Canada and around the world


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Streamline your intake process

Thrive Intake helps you improve the flow of information between you and your patients.

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Our approach to the patient journey

We help people to thrive, mentally and physically, as they go through a healthcare journey and in their daily lives.

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It all starts with streamlining the intake process

We are working to reduce repeat work for patients who are seeking care whether it be for their mental or physical health. Building and maintaining an up-to-date health history can be easy and no one should have to keep filling out the same paperwork.

Thrive Health records evolve with your story, so you don’t have to keep starting over

Having a clean, well-organized intake form has made the consultations with patients much easier with less time spent chasing down details.
— Dr. Chris Taylor, Victoria Plastic Surgery