Your Digital Front Door for Patient Engagement

Drive value-based clinical decisions with a platform that enhances the care experience.

Effective care coordination depends on providers having the right information at the right time. By consolidating information from disparate systems and ensuring secure, streamlined access to health data for those who need it, Thrive Health enables healthcare organizations to deliver efficient care models and optimize patient engagement.

Empowering Patients & Providers

Thrive Health technology enables value-based care, lowering costs, reducing medical errors, and ultimately engaging patients as active participants in their care journey. Our platform addresses the unique needs of both providers and patients by enabling the efficient build of clinical workflows, including assessments, triggers, scheduling, and resources that can be tailored to each individual’s care requirements, with streamlined reporting to support providers in making clinical decisions.

Thrive Health app and patient in the backgroundThrive Health app features and healthcare professional

Enabling Digital Transformation

The Thrive Health platform is built for tomorrow’s healthcare, for a world beyond today’s point solutions that lack the ability to manage the full lifecycle of the patient experience. Beyond providing our customers with a digital front door into the care experience, our technology harnesses a new model for patient engagement, to ultimately work towards less illness, lower mortality rates, and reduced healthcare costs.

Thrive Health app features and patient and healthcare professional talking in the background
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Healthcare organizations that partner with us are seeing the benefits.

By leveraging our platform to manage care coordination and measure patient engagement, providers can improve access to digital solutions and scale across larger populations for increased digital health equity - all while enhancing the care experience, quality and patient safety, and operational efficiency.

Discover how our technology can power your transformation.

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